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I, Karen Morrill, began my journey in the wonderful world of purebred dogs at a very young age.
My Mother, who is a fabulous and incredibly knowledgeable lady, bred, raised and exhibited some of the finest Standard Poodles in the country. Not only did being around this wonderful breed teach me a phenomenal amount about beauty and style, I have learned that these things, as well as elegance and type, are something that takes a great deal of knowledge and research to achieve in any breeding program.
With my Mother's wisdom, my strong desire to learn, and my deep love for all animals, I set out to follow in her footsteps. There was only one problem. As much as I loved the Standard Poodles, my real passion (at that time) was with the German Shepherd Dog. I wanted grace, elegance and style in a very different package.
As a child, I attended many confirmation shows across our country and spent most of the time taking pictures of every German Shepherd I could find. There began my love affair with our beautiful and beloved breed.
I purchased my first Shepherd in 1990 from a local breeder. His name was Ch Mistique's Quite The Actor (Brando). He was a wonderful dog with a fabulous mind. He finished his championship and was then taking some time to mature when I started to change my ways. It didn't take long to realize that Brando, although my best friend, was just not the type or style that I wanted as far as my future breeding program went. I then began the search for my type.
After two years I stumbled across Brentaryl German Shepherds. An exquisite dog named Gunner had caught my eye. To me, I had found perfection. I then began to research the health and genetics pertaining to the Brentaryl lines and after being quite satisfied with my findings, contacted Carolyn Rose.

My prayers were answered. I knew that I had found a foundation that I could build upon and be proud of for many years to come.

I bred and exhibited German Shepherds for several years....and then life changed. I decided that a breed I was always in love with was going to be a part of the next chapter of my life.

THE AFGHAN HOUND....and my childhood love....THE STANDARD POODLE.

My view on breed preservation.....We are the guardians of these breeds.

We must maintain and pursue with the realization that there is no weight heavier than that of the new born puppy that carries with it all of the results of our genetic decisions.

I feel that it is far more important to maintain a solid and sound foundation than to pursue a succession of hollow victories.
Armed with knowledge, but realizing there is always something new to be learned, we are never fearful of following a gut instinct as we will only progress by attempt. We treat them as what they truly are, an opportunity to grow and improve.

Inspiration that doesn't bear fruit is still a valuable source of data on which to draw.
To my dogs, past and present, I honor you....
The name 'Visual Art' was inspired by these wonderful creatures, as to me, that is what they are....
Please take a tour of our site and meet the Visual Art family and you'll see for yourself.


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